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|SOUND MAKING SPACE| is a UCL, Bartlett Doctoral Network, co-founded in 2017 by Bartlett School of Architecture PhD students Ruth Bernatek and Merijn Royaards. The network has now grown to include a number of internal researchers and designers, as well as associate members and external collaborators. Architect Paul Bavister and Composer/Architect Emma-Kate Matthews are curating the current series of events for the SMS network.

Our aim is to convene a diverse group of researchers and practitioners who think about and engage with architecture and space through sound. We believe that sound has the capacity to disclose new ways to design for, and think about architecture and our urban environment. We draw upon expertise both from within and beyond the field of architecture, inviting speakers with various academic, professional and practice backgrounds, including musicology, anthropology, computing, engineering, mathematics, performance studies, planning, and acoustics. Our research seminars and events have brought together international sound artists, composers, performers, architects and curators to share and discuss their research, experience and expertise.

Details of our current projects, initiatives, upcoming seminars, club nights and events can be found on our events tab. Seminar sessions are open to all, and FREE.